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  • The CZ3000 HEAT METER thermal energy meter is an instrument that combines the CONTAZARA experience in measuring water with exact temperature measurement. Reliable electronics take over everything else.
  • The CZ4000 Series with Integrated Radio provides the necessary solution for implementation of integral Remote reading projects.
  • The CZUS family is based on the detection of flow rate with two pairs of ultrasonic sensors facing each other.
  • The CZ4000 Series combines the best volumetric mechanics with the most reliable and proven CONTAZARA electronics.
  • Comprised of water measurement and management units that combine the most advanced electronics with the most reliable precision in the market. It is capable of providing stable metrology throughout its entire useful life.
  • The units comprising the CZ3000 T30/90 family combine the most advanced electronics with the best precision for measuring hot water between 30 and 90º C.
  • The SINGLE JET family of units is based on speed type mechanics with entry of a single jet which directly strikes the vanes; this is the only moving part of the unit.
  • The new CZ-HT hydrant is made available to the irrigation sector and sector control, surpassing traditional hydrants with the best electronics in the market.

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