The executive management of CONTAZARA establishes the following general commitments for the Integrated system for management of quality, environment, ecological design, safety and health, R+D+I, ethics and social responsibility, measurements, risks, information security and technical competence for performance of tests and calibrations, appropriate to its mission and consistent with the vision, the values and the strategies:

  • Commitment to the continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the integrated management system and to the provision of the necessary resources.
  • Commitment to fulfilling or even exceeding and anticipating the needs and expectations of the customer and of other interested parties, of the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our products, services and activities and of other requirements that CONTAZARA subscribes.
  • Commitment to good professional practices and to the quality of tests and calibrations, in accordance with the documentation and the methods established and the requirements of the customer and of other interested parties.
  • Commitment to the provision of suitable working conditions, in safety and health issues, for the prevention of accidents, injuries and health deterioration at work.
  • Awareness, motivation, information and training of the personnel of CONTAZARA, particularly in relation to the implementation of the policy and procedures.
  • Encouraging consultation, participation and teamwork as methods for involving workers and workers’ representatives.
  • Commitment to failure prevention, prevention of pollution and of damages and deterioration of health, starting in the design and development stage.
  • Commitment to protection of the environment, manufacturing eco-designed products, as well as the sustainable use of natural resources to obtain an improvement in our environmental performance.
  • Delivery of quality products, each one in accordance with its EU design and EU type exam certificates and with its updated applicable documentation, competitive and technologically innovative, delivered in reasonable lead times, designed and developed continuously improving their environmental performance throughout their life cycle, avoiding the transfer of adverse environmental impacts from one stage of life cycle to another, or from one category to another, provided this results in a net reduction of the negative environmental impact throughout the life cycle of the product.
  • Commitment to the maintenance of confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information and the assets of all the interested parties, adopting the necessary controls to avoid vulnerabilities to the information of R+D+I or other strategic information.
  • Maintenance of a mutually beneficial relationship with the interested parties.
  • To seek efficient management of water, of energy and of raw materials.
  • Minimization of production of waste, recovering all of it possible and resorting to its elimination only as a last resort.
  • Commitment to minimize risks and eliminate dangers.

This policy is the frame of reference to establish and review the objectives of CONTAZARA; it is made known to all personnel and to those that work on behalf of CONTAZARA, ensuring their understanding of it, it is made available to interested parties and is reviewed by the management for its continuous adaptation.

Managing Director
Isaac Navarro